Best Things About Acdc Strain

Best Things About Acdc Strain

ACDC strain


ACDC strain is entirely different than most cannabis strains because of its amazingly low THC level. And its incredibly high CBD level. With the THC at 1 to 6 percent, there’s practically no psychoactive impact. CBD levels, be that as it may, sit at around 20 percent which is a whole lot higher than the normal degree of simply 0.05 percent.

A combination of Ruderalis and Cannatonic, this strain is an equitably adjusted half breed at 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica. In certain cases it has appeared to lean somewhat Sativa also. This strain has won a few Cannabis Cup grants because of the high CBD content.

ACDC Marijuana Strain Review: Cannabinoid Profile, Terpenes & More

The smell of ACDC strain is hearty, sweet, and skunky and some may taste a trace of natural product. When smoking the herb, clients might have the option to recognize the cherry and lemongrass aroma better. The buds are tight yet soft and the shading is green with orange hairs. Search for various conveyance strategies, for example, cases, teas, tinctures, and salves.


Relief of chronic pain
Improves lung capacity
Help lose weight
Regulate and prevents diabetes
Fight cancer
Helps treat depression
Shows promise in autism treatment
Regulate seizures
Mend bones
Helps with ADHA/ADD
Treatment for glaucoma
Alleviate anxiety
Slow development of Alzheimer’s disease
Deals with pain linked to arthrit
Helps with alcoholism
Treats inflammatory bowel diseases

ACDC strain is a CBD-dominant marijuana strain made from a phenotype of Cannatonic. This strain produces little to no intoxicating effects. Medical marijuana patients choose ACDC to help treat various ailments like painanxietyepilepsy and the negative effects of chemotherapy.

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